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Six years ago my husband and I were enjoying an exciting life filled with family gatherings, vacations and successful careers. My husband, a clinical psychologist and author, firmly believes that happiness is your choice, and together our lives were very happy indeed. However, life is unpredictable, and over a period of months we learned that our dreams and expectations of our future were about to change dramatically.

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Spouses and Partners

I would like to explain what it is like to experience a decline in your ability to think, remember and make decisions.  Early stage Alzheimer’s begins with episodes of memory lapse progressing to a diminished ability to reason and problem solve at a level achieved in the past.  As you re-evaluate what you now have control over, you must make adjustments in order to meet your needs via different pathways than you had previously.  Your choices are different and unfamiliar.  With fewer achievements and alternatives you are unable to meet your everyday needs.

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People with Alzheimer's

My story begins about 7 years ago (looking back I now realize what I was seeing then was the beginning of our journey). My mom would misplace items, could not concentrate, and we would pass it off that she had too much on her mind. Her son (Gary) was an achololic and was creating problems. Gary moved in with mama about 5 years ago, and he passed away 3 years ago. When Gary was at mama's there was tension, I used to get very upset with Gary and even told him to move. This was not an option, he couldn't.

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