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My older (by one year) sister, Lucyann, now 60, was diagnosed when she was 58.  She was a well-liked (by peers and students) professor, a great daughter and the best sister anyone could have.  She cared for my dad during the last 10 years of his life, while she was still teaching and/or working at the university, until his death about four years ago.  During the last three years, we started to notice that she was angry a lot, particularly with my Mom, for whom she had absolutely no patience.  She would not go to work and claimed headaches and/or mig

"The Grammie Whisperer" Introduction

My name is Tayla, also known as "The Grammie Whisperer!"  When I was 10 I really wanted to write a book about my Grammie and how I help take care of her. It was overwhelming though, so my mom suggested I make helpful videos for people caring with someone with Alzheimer's disease. So, with the help of my mom, we did!!! I have my own playlist on my mom's YouTube channel. I haven't made any videos recently because I am so busy, but I enjoyed making the ones I have made so far. I hope they help others in some way.

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My mother-in-law has had Alzheimer's for quite a few years and although she has a lot of family support, it is difficult caring for someone with dementia and watching the disease take its toll. I took care of my father with Parkinson's Disease and dementia. I would not have traded the memories or time I have spent assisting them both with their daily needs.

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