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"The Grammie Whisperer" Introduction

My name is Tayla, also known as "The Grammie Whisperer!"  When I was 10 I really wanted to write a book about my Grammie and how I help take care of her. It was overwhelming though, so my mom suggested I make helpful videos for people caring with someone with Alzheimer's disease. So, with the help of my mom, we did!!! I have my own playlist on my mom's YouTube channel. I haven't made any videos recently because I am so busy, but I enjoyed making the ones I have made so far. I hope they help others in some way.

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My mother-in-law has had Alzheimer's for quite a few years and although she has a lot of family support, it is difficult caring for someone with dementia and watching the disease take its toll. I took care of my father with Parkinson's Disease and dementia. I would not have traded the memories or time I have spent assisting them both with their daily needs.

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Sons and Daughters

It would be my second trip to the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado.  But my Mom had never been, so we decided to make my next trip there our vacation together.  My Mom is my best friend, and I looked forward to watching her reaction to the quaint main street surrounded by all those beautiful mountains.  She hadn’t been doing so well since she’d had a car accident a few years before.  Trouble remembering where she put things, trouble formulating sentences.  I told myself then that she was just growing older. 



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