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I used to be a high functioning person as a transactional real estate attorney. Now I can't work, in fact I was fired from my last two jobs. I started working at age 13 as a grunt maintenance man in a private park. My whole life has revolved around work and education. I even worked full time and went to law school at night. Up until about 4 years ago I was still working, but I got fired twice from my last two jobs, got diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's and now I can't work. I'm now 65 but I was probably 58 +/- when it started.

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People with Alzheimer's

My mom died of heart disease at the age of 55.  Her mom, my Granny, and her sister, my Aunt Lucille, and her neice, my cousin Jennifer, all died from the perils of Alheimer's.   I know in my heart my mom is grateful she did not have to suffer like her family did for so many years.  Granny was divorced, living alone in Houston when we moved to New Jersey.  We would get calls from police in Houston about Granny being found walking the streets in the middle of the night.

My Mom has had Alzheimers disease for  2 years. Imagine seeing your Mom fade away and theres nothing you can do to stop it. The simple things are not simple to do anymore for my Mom. Like take a bath, get dressed, get a drink of ginger ale. The last 2 years I and my Mom have been on alot of vacations together.  My Mom enjoys them and we have fun together. It gives my Dad some time for himself. I do what every I can to help my parents. What I wish for that the Goverment would provide more funding to find a cure for this terrible disease.

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