Today’s Top Alzheimer’s News


A July 7, 2017 The New York Times article focused on the current debate over health care legislation, and specifically on the importance of Medicaid. Medicaid pays for most nursing home and community or home-based care for older adults who run out of money. Even knowledgeable people often struggle to navigate a complex system for elder care including insurance, assisted living/nursing homes, nurses and/or home care workers, estate lawyers, Medicaid and more. Elder care, coupled with dementia, proves even more challenging and costly.

A July 6, 2017 WTOP article (from The Associated Press) by Janelle Taylor of the University of Washington explores dementia and social interaction. Research shows that feelings of loneliness accompany the onset of dementia and that social interaction is beneficial. According to the author’s research, opportunities for personal growth also exist for the friends of people with dementia.


A July 9, 2017 60 Minutes video segment with Lesley Stahl continues the story of Antioquia, Colombia, home to the largest concentration of people who carry a rare genetic mutation making them 100% certain to develop Alzheimer's disease. It is the focus of an NIH-backed study looking at whether Alzheimer's disease may be preventable.


A July 10, 2017 Alzheimer’s News Today article reported on research into the possibility of using insulin to treat Alzheimer’s disease in a way that doesn’t interfere with blood sugar. It’s thought that insufficient levels of insulin may contribute to the cognitive changes experienced in Alzheimer’s disease. Nasal insulin sprays are currently being tested in clinical trials.

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