A new documentary highlights new treatments for dementia patients, The Atlantic profiles the high-stakes world of searching for cures for diseases like Alzheimer's, and the latest advancements in Alzheimer's diagnostic tools (read more).

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George Vradenburg calls the latest spending bill's $25 million increase for Alzheimer's reserach "a minimal down payment," Meryl Comer talks about the importance of supporting caregivers, and ClergyAgainstAlzheimer's releases Seasons of Caring: Meditations for Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregivers (read more)

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Paul Allen is donating $100 million to study how cells work, the future of tech and the life sciences, and an app that could change how Alzheimer's sufferers communicate (read more). 

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UCLA Alzheimer's study offers small "glimmer of hope," brain training and cognitive health, and San Diego county supervisor Dianne Jacob's efforts to combat Alzheimer's (read more). 

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Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health's Dr. Charles Bernick talks to Nevada Public Radio about the need for Alzheimer's clinical research volunteers, the power of memory boxes, and the race to develop Alzheimer's drugs heats up (read more). 

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