Sally Quinn talks about Ben Bradlee's struggles with dementia, UK researchers discover an enzyme that could lead to cure for Alzheimer's, and a top executive at Google’s antiaging biotechnology company said this week that scientists must identify and understand the underlying biology of age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s before finding a cure (read more).  

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A stark portrait of nursing home care in the US, the impact of the nation's long-term care crisis on minority communities, and a new campaign to increase NIH research funding (read more).

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The "double burden" of Alzheimer's and Down syndrome, PBS Newshour profiles the new Alzheimer's documentary “The Genius of Marian,” and researchers create 'designer proteins' in th fight against Alzheimer's (read more). 

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University of Pittsburgh Dean advocates for increased medical research funding, the link between anxiety medication and Alzheimer's, and NIH awards more than $10 million to explore the "effects of sex" in medical research (read more). 

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Alzheimer's researcher volunteer with Down syndrome dies at 40, Professor Susan Greenfield talks about the need for a new approach to Alzheimer's research, and ActivistAgainstAlzheimer's member Sandy Halperin talks about his diagnosis and work at 3PM EST on (read more).  

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