African American Network Against Alzheimer's highlights importance of African American participation in clinical trials, California launches project to spur neuroscience innovation, and Merck announces multimillion dollar Alzheimer's research collaboration (read more). 

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RAND report calls on policymakers to improve long-term services for dementia sufferers and caregivers, the role of intellectual stimulation in holding off Alzheimer's, and Alzheimer's research spurs Las Vegas' growing medical research industry (read more). 


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The need to define "dementia" to cure it, more on the power of tech to transform dementia care, George Vradenburg talks about proposed  Alzheimer's "megafund", and Georgetown University puts a focus on recruiting diverse participants for Alzheimer's medical trial (read more). 

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British Prime Minster David Cameron makes Alzheimer's a priority, the need to recruit minorities in the A4 clinical trials, and an online Alzheimer's screening test raises questions about the efficacy of early diagnosis (read more). 


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Survey finds most people thinking Alzheimer's is a normal part of aging, MIT professors propose new superfund to cure Alzheimer's, and David Cameron doubles down on dementia commitment (read more). 

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