Banner Alzheimer's Institute works to sign up 250,000 research subjects across the nation to stop Alzheimer's, the next frontier in brain research combines technology, computer science, math, and physcis to replicate the human brain on a computer, Sandy Halperin calls on policymakers to "step up the fight against Alzheimer's," and the reason Obamacare doesn't address the nation's long-term care crisis (read more). 

Is America's role as global leader in science in danger? The link between sleep and brain health and new data on the impact of football on its players (read more). 



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Michael Hodin calls for greater investment in Alzheimer's, the long-term impact of the government shutdown on science, New York Times provides advice on assisted living for an aging population (read more). 


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USA2 co-founder Trish Vradenburg highlights the negative impact of the government shutdown on Alzheimer's research, a new look inside life with Alzheimer's, and an account of what happens when an Alzheimer's sufferer goes missing (read more).     



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The 2013 Geoffrey Beene Global Neuro Discovery Challenge explores gender differences in Alzheimer's disease, head of Brigham and Women’s Hospital decries funding cuts to biomedical research, and the story of one couple's perseverance while dealing with the financial impact of Alzheimer's and cancer (read more).  


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