Sen. Pat Toomey calls for more focus and funding for Alzheimer's research, issues with the US and Europe's brain mapping programs, and a new Alzheimer's drug is fast tracked by the FDA (read more). 

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What brain mapping means for disease, the latest on neuroprosthetics, and the link between meditation and aging (read more). 

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The latest research on direct-coding to sharpen memory, issues with the Human Brain Project, and a blood test for Alzheimer's is looming (read more). 

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Will the Human Brain Project be a missed opportunity? A new blood test for Alzheimer's is looming and NIH awards $24 million for cutting-edge research into Alzheimer's disease genome (read more)

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Scientists threaten to boycott Human Brain Project, baby boomers might not be able to afford nursing home care, and Society for Neuroscience fellow calls for increased NIH investment (read more).   

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