Outreach NC Magazine featured Surviving Grace, the use of magnets to boost memory function, the need to restore NIH funding, and tech investor Dr. Beth Seidenberg talks about the need to invest in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases (read more). 

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Rupert Murdoch and other prominent Australians to fund Alzheimer's research, Korean startup raises funds for wearable Alzheimer's tech, and MIT researchers have unlocked some secrets about how the brain attaches emotions to memories and how those emotions can be adjusted (read more).  

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5 key planks for a strategic aging policy, Banker White explores how Alzheimer's strengthened his parents' marriage, PhRMA launches new innovation hub, Carnegie Mellon launches BrainHub to concentrate "intellectual horsepower" against brain disease, and the link between mindfulness and Alzheimer's care (read more). 


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The need to invest in NIH to fight diseases like Alzheimer's, Meryl Comer talks about her new book "Slow Dancing With A Stranger: Lost And Found In The Age Of Alzheimer's" with Diane Rehm, and smart-home technology helps manage Alzheimer's care (read more).  

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NPR profiles the important role of that individuals with Down syndrome play in Alzheimer's research, the debate over early Alzheimer's diagnosis, the need for equal treatment of women in medical research, and Sen. Bob Casey introduces a caregiver corps bill (read more).   

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