Georgetown researchers explore new ways to fund biomedical research, signs of Alzheimer's in infants, and the shift in Alzheimer's research from treatment to prevention (read more). 


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The impact of Alzheimer's on families and the economy, Newt Gingrich's approach to healthcare reform, and is President Obama's BRAIN Initiative spurring a global movement? (read more)


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By Meryl Comer

Alzheimer's disease is plaguing the public psyche in two ways -- both as a global economic disaster waiting to happen and up close and personal as the insidious stalker in the room that anyone over 40 should fear. The pervasive, destructive, costly effects of this debilitating disease become even more profound as Baby Boomers age; doubling every five years after age 65.

The need to define goals for President Obama's BRAIN initiative, poetry and Alzheimer's, and helpful Thanksgiving tips for dementia caregivers (read more).  

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