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George Vradenburg calls on the G8 to establish a "path forward" to stop Alzheimer's by 2025, the NFL settles with players over concussion-related brain disorders including dementia, and the impact of budget cuts on Alzheimer's research at the Mayo Clinic (read more).         

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Researchers identify new protein that triggers age-related memory loss, the rising cost of aging, and Sen. Klobuchar's warns against balancing the budget on the backs of Alzheimer's sufferers (read more).  

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Sen. Amy Klobuchar highlights the need to invest in Alzheimer's research, the GOP's innovative health care ideas, and Japan establishes a national Alzheimer's council (read more).     


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Huckabee calls on GOP to take drastic action to cure diseases like Alzheimer's and cancer, the human impact of sequestration, and NPR explores the link between Alzheimer's and copper (read more). 

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