It's time to wake up and do something about Alzheimer's, a new survey finds that a large number of universities directly affected by sequestration, Anne Wojcicki talks about genetic science will change healthcare by empowering individuals, and J&J's latest efforts to develop an Alzheimer's treatment (read more). 


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President Obama calls for bipartisan support to take on Alzheimer's  Yale University's efforts to expand geriatric research, and Columbia University researchers develop a new method of determining the time from Alzheimer's onset to death (read more).     

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New report finds it will take $5.7 billion to develop an effective Alzheimer's drug, the need for global leadership against Alzheimer's, and confusion over President Obama's BRAIN Initiative (read more). 


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Florida's efforts to fund Alzheimer's services for patients and caregivers and the Advancing Science in America awards its Pacesetter Award to Alzheimer's researcher (read more).




Researchers find the pre-clinical stage of Alzheimer’s disease causes nearly an identical brain response as multiple sclerosis, one Alzheimer's patient-advocate tells his diagnosis story, and how one artist is using his paint brush in the fight Alzheimer's (read more).   




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