National Journal highlights the nation's "Alzheimer's debacle," brain scientists receive Nobel Prizes for their work on discovery the brain's "inner GPS," and the doctor shortage facing baby boomers (read more). 

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Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) calls on NIH to focus dollars on younger researchers working in areas like Alzheimer's, John Palmer donates $1 million to University of Mississippi MIND Center, and the latest breakthrough in Beta amyloid research (read more).  

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Excessive worry in middle-aged women linked to higher Alzheimer’s risk, philanthropist Darlene Shiley talks about her role in "Surviving Grace," and is Alzheimer's diabetes for the brain (read more). 

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NIH issues first round of BRAIN funding, Canadian philanthropist Charles Fipke donates $9.1 million for Alzheimer's research, and WomenAgainstAlzheimer's Summit participant demands a movement (read more).  

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Blood transfusions and Alzheimer's, the Affordable Care Act's impact on long-term care, and the Harvard geneticist Dr. David Sinclair talks about the future of aging (read more). 

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