The importance of early Alzheimer's diagnosis and treatment, cameras and wearable tech improving dementia care, and NY teen wins $50,000 for Alzheimer's tech innovation (read more). 

Must read

$3 billion price tag of dementia in UK, IBM develops computer chip that mimics brain, and Sen. Ed Markey attended screening of new Glen Campbell documentary in Boston (read more).  

Must reads

Yale University advances STEP protein research, Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller raise Alzheimer's awareness among millennials, and the link between Alzheimer's and accelerated weight loss (read more). 

Must reads

Smartphone based biosensors for diseases like Alzheimer's, Yale researchers reverse the effects of Alzheimer's in mice, and the need for more inclusive FDA clinical trials (read more).   

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California Supreme Court rules that carers can't sue Alzheimer's patients, three myths related to Alzheimer's disease, and GliaCure gets $5.8 million to develop Alzheimer's drug (read more).  

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