The need for improved caregiving services for Alzheimer's sufferers, Alzheimer's and end of life care, and the Stanford School of Medicine's efforts to understand the origins of Alzheimer's (read more). 

Must reads (caregiving opinions and more) 

Forbes piece calls for focus on Alzheimer's to bring down healthcare costs, USA2 board member Meryl Comer will be featured on The Diane Rehm show on August 25, the importance of 'asking your candidates' about medical research, and Bloomberg explores the use of music therapy to treat Alzheimer's (read more). 

Must reads and watch 

Researchers highlight California's potential to lead the way in brain research, Samuel L. Jackson talks about Alzheimer's devastating impact on his family, and Intel introduces wearable tech to monitor Parkinson's patients (read more).  

Must reads

The documentary "The Genius of Marian" highlights Alzheimer's harsh toll on women, Stanford University fellow calls for more diverse and innovative clinical trials, and the latest research on memory formation and place (read more). 

Must reads

The latest research linking the APOE gene to brain health, scientists grow 3D brain tissue that could help treatments for Alzheimer's, and the need for increased minority and female participation in clinical trials (read more).  

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