The 2013 Geoffrey Beene Global Neuro Discovery Challenge explores gender differences in Alzheimer's disease, head of Brigham and Women’s Hospital decries funding cuts to biomedical research, and the story of one couple's perseverance while dealing with the financial impact of Alzheimer's and cancer (read more).  


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George Vradenburg calls on G8 to tackle Alzheimer's, the NFL ignores Alzheimer's awareness, Japanese researchers may have developed method to suppress Alzheimer's protein (read more).     


George Vradenburg's resume reads like a roadmap to prototypical business success. He was Phi Beta Kappa in college and attended Harvard Law School. He later co-published a magazine and brokered deals for media giants like CBS, Fox, and AOL, founding two charities in his spare time. George Vradenburg, to be sure, is a man who seized his life and career by the horns.

But then it all changed.

In the early '90s, as his mother-in-law faded with Alzheimer's disease, Vradenburg could only sit back idly, helplessly.

Anne Romney raises money for brain research, how sequestration is hurting science, thousands of research mice at risk due to the government shutdown (read more).     

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By George Vradenburg

"It’s amazing how shortsighted we can be. The same week that the world marked the five-year anniversary of the financial collapse, tens of millions of families around the globe quietly observed World Alzheimer’s Day with little to no acknowledgement from the media or world leaders.

This is not only ironic, it’s alarming. Alzheimer’s is a global health crisis unfolding before our eyes that poses a grave and long-term threat to international economic health."


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