Stem cells help researchers study dementia in living human cells, a new report focuses on gender equality in clinical research, and how the Netherlands is innovating dementia care (read more).  

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Researcher calls for 12 years of market exclusivity for Alzheimer's drugs to spur innovation, India's new focus on pharma innovation and Alzheimer's, and the latest on the Allen Institute for Brain Science's efforts to decipher the language of the brain (read more). 

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Seth Rogen calls out absent senators on Twitter, the UK is on the verge of a dementia care revolution, and the importance of putting a human face on the impact of Alzheimer's (read more).  

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Researchers ask Congress for more funding to fight Alzheimer's, minority of families face financial devastation due to dementia costs according to RAND, and video of actor Seth Rogen's testimony on the importance of Alzheimer's funding (read more). 

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