By George Vradenburg

This year we have seen real progress in the fight against Alzheimers, both in terms of science and political mobilization.

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I was a really good mom. Great carpooler, all that. You’re not interviewing my kids, right? Who needs a dissent? But I started writing columns, all humor. Wrote a screenplay. Wrote a steamy novel basically to humiliate my kids. I was having some success, and in the middle of all this, my daughter became a teenager. All of a sudden she was taken by aliens — if you have kids, you know this happens. My parent-effectiveness training went right out the window. I had met with “Designing Women,” and they asked me to come out to L.A.

Trish Vradenburg on the need to talk about Alzheimer's and the global impact of Alzheimer's (read more).


Must reads

Washington Post editorial highlights negative impact of budget cuts on NIH research, researchers hopeful of Alzheimer's drug therapy within next five years, and Alzheimer's cases set to triple to 135 million by 2050 (read more). 


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A new era in Alzheimer's research, the link between dementia and exercise, and Selim Zilkha pledges $5 million to USC's Keck School of Medicine to fund a new endowed chair in Alzheimer's disease research (read more).       



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