Maddy Dychtwald

March 7, 2014 -- usalzheimeradmin

Maddy Dychtwald is an author, speaker and Age Wave co-founder, and a leading expert on the changing demographic trends—both generation- and gender-related—shaping the marketplace, the workplace and our lives. Maddy has spent more than 25 years investigating and forecasting lifestyle and market trends of older adults and the 79 million baby boomers. Building on this knowledge, she has recently emerged as a renowned authority on the rising economic influence of women and their impact on industries from financial services and healthcare to consumer marketing.

Deborah Dingell

March 7, 2014 -- usalzheimeradmin

Deborah Dingell is the President of D2 Strategies, and is Chair of the Manufacturing Initiative of the American Automotive Policy Council. She is an active civic and community leader in both Michigan and Washington, D.C. and is a recognized national advocate for women and children.

Meryl Comer

March 7, 2014 -- usalzheimeradmin

Meryl Comer was named President of the Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer’s Initiative in November 2007. Winner of the 2005 Shriver Profiles in Dignity Award and the 2007 Proxmire Award, Meryl has been the at-home caregiver for the past 16 years for her husband with early onset Alzheimer’s and more recently, for her mother with late stage dementia.

Laurel Coleman, M.D., FACP

March 7, 2014 -- usalzheimeradmin

Dr. Coleman is an attending physician at Maine Medical Center’s Geriatric Assessment Clinic and Central Maine Medical Center’s Palliative Care Team. Dr. Coleman was a non-federal appointee to the National Alzheimer’s Project Act Advisory Council on Alzheimer's Research, Care and Services. She is actively involved in the Alzheimer’s Association, both as a past president of the Maine Chapter and as a former member of the national Board of Directors. Currently, she is a Board Member of the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement (AIM).

Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD

March 7, 2014 -- usalzheimeradmin

Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D., founder and chief director of the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas, is committed to maximizing human cognitive potential across the entire human lifespan. Spearheaded by Dr.

Cecilia O. Arradaza

March 7, 2014 -- usalzheimeradmin

Cecilia Arradaza is FasterCures' communications and policy director. She manages communications programs, stakeholder outreach strategies and policy priorities. Cecilia has more than 15 years of experience in strategic communications on key issues that impact medical research and the life sciences industry. She joined FasterCures from Chandler Chicco Agency (CCA), a health communications firm, where she managed public affairs for clients including Johnson & Johnson, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and VHA Inc.

Marietta Anthony, PhD

March 7, 2014 -- usalzheimeradmin

Marietta Anthony has worked on a variety of women's health issues and has served on numerous national committees and advisory boards on women's health. Marietta played a leadership role in women’s health at the National Institutes of Health, Food and Drug Administration, and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.  Dr.

Rebecca Ailes-Fine

March 7, 2014 -- usalzheimeradmin

Rebecca Ailes-Fine is one of the founding women of WISP, Women Inspiring Scientific Progress, in Phoenix, AZ, a group supporting, and supported by, Banner Alzheimer's Foundation.  She is a community activist and volunteer receiving the 2011 Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser of the Year Award from AFP Greater Arizona Chapter.  Rebecca holds seats on non-profit boards in the community and raises awareness and funds for various charities.  Her mother is being treated at the Banner Alzheimer's Institute and both her mother and the family have received tremendous support, e

Neelum Aggarwal, MD

March 7, 2014 -- usalzheimeradmin

Dr. Aggarwal works with many community based and national organizations promoting ways to ensure that positive lifestyle changes lead to better cognitive and physical health across the aging continuum. She is a cognitive neurologist, with particular interest in dementia and Alzheimer's disease, and conducts original research in a variety of large scale community based studies in Chicago. She serves as the senior examining neurologist for the community based minority studies at the RADC, a position that she has held for over 15 years.

Star Power

The WomenAgainstAlzheimer's Star Power team includes women celebrities who care deeply about Alzheimer’s disease as a women’s health and economic issue requiring urgent action.

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