• We are proud to welcome Pat Summitt to the WomenAgainstAlzheimer's team as an Honorary Founder!

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  • We are driven by the passion that comes from losing a shared mother to Alzheimer's.

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Stay up to speed on the latest news about Alzheimer’s and our progress in fighting the disease.


We provide those touched by Alzheimer’s disease with tools to connect with each other and take action to stop the disease.

Stop Alz

No organization is going to stop Alzheimer’s. What will stop Alzheimer’s is the will of the American people. Act now.


The latest on the disease crisis and how to solve it.


USAgainstAlzheimer’s is proud to work with a network of organizations that serve the Alzheimer’s community and support innovative Alzheimer’s research and drug discovery.

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USAgainstAlzheimer’s co-convenes the Leaders Engaged On Alzheimer’s Disease Coalition (LEAD) with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Learn more about LEAD.

USAgainstAlzheimer’s is the convener and organizer of The Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer’s Disease. Learn more about the Global CEO Initiative.

USAgainstAlzheimer’s is a founding partner of the 21st Century BrainTrustTM. Learn more about the 21st Century BrainTrustTM.

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